#10: How to Survive & Thrive in Nursing School with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression


September 23, 2020

Hey there Future Nurses!!!

How are you??? 

In this week’s episode we are taking with Diann Wingert.

Diann is a highly experienced psychotherapist who is a mindset and productivity coach for female entrepreneurs. Now I know you’re thinking, “What do female entrepreneurs have to do with nursing school?” Well a lot more than you think. There are a lot of parallels between entrepreneurs and nursing students. The insecurity, uncertainty, long hours, and pressure just to name a few. Diann and I connected in a mastermind group we belong to and I found her insight into the minds of women with ADHD, depression, and anxiety, to be so helpful that I knew I needed her expertise here to help students in the same situation.

Even if you are not ADHD I highly recommend her podcast The Driven Woman Podcast  https://www.diannwingertcoaching.com/podcast

I know her knowledge, experience, and passion for helping women is exactly what you need to overcome your fears of failure and self-doubt. 

Diann also has a special gift for you: 

6- Steps To ADHD Mastery 

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