#21: Strokes

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February 23, 2021

Welcome Back to The Nursing School Simplified Podcast. 

This week we are learning about Strokes. 

Each year almost 800K Americans have a stroke and 13.7 million strokes occur worldwide. 

Strokes are preventable and educating our patients and community is our responsibility as nurses. 

Learn signs and symptoms, assessment, patient teaching and more in this episode. 

As promised here is the link to Ron Paul Having Stroke

Watch in real time as this stroke occurs live on air. See if you can spot the changes in his face and listen to how quickly his speech becomes slurred, then garbled. 

I hope this helps you understand your role as a nurse for patients with strokes. 

Have a great week.

All my best, 

Cynthia, RN CCRN

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