Books, tuition, fees, and living expenses add up quickly. Loans are difficult to get and end up costing more in the long run. The good news is there is FREE MONEY out there just waiting for you to claim it.

HERE’S PROOF!!! My co-worker received $18,000 in scholarships for her $19,000 MSN program. That’s right!!! She MADE $1,000!!! When I asked her, “How did you do that?” She told me she applied for every scholarship she could no matter the amount. She said she even applied for ones she knew she didn’t qualify for because so many go unclaimed.

Now, finding scholarships that you qualify for can be a challenge so to help you and make it as easy as possible I’ve put together a list. New scholarships will be added regularly so be sure to sign up for updates.

Use the filters to narrow down scholarships you qualify for or simply search each one.

Good luck!!

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